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how to convert traffic into income

by penyobkd on October 15, 2013

Everybody trying to make money on the internet is always very concerned with generating traffic, as if that may be all that matters. For many of these folks, a lack of traffic is not really the real issue. The real concern is that they are clueless how to convert traffic into income.

Have you any idea how to convert traffic into income?

In case you do, you must be making some money on the internet right now…

Because anybody who can transform traffic will make money online.

See, anybody could get traffic. Just go and Buy web traffic. However, you must turn your traffic to make money…

And that is everything you need to do, make money.

After that you can reinvest, level up and also start churning out a few big paydays.

So once again… everything comes back to SWITCHING traffic, not just generating it…

Which is done most efficiently through followup marketing via email.

Here’s the basic formula that every profitable marketer on the internet is using somehow…

#1- Generate traffic to a Landing page that builds YOUR list. It is the first step that many new marketers forget. Never instantly promote your thing or program. Instead, build a beckons list first, then advertise and  promote using followup marketing via email.

#2- Keep up with those who expressed interest by giving followup emails. Once you create a lead, that is someone who subscribes your email list and obviously has curiosity about your offer, you should followup several times to increase your product sales conversions.

#3- Redo steps 1 and 2 and you may literally generate as much as you like. When you are at profit, by reinvesting towards more advertising, visitors and prospects you can carry on and scale up your online business.

Should you do this (create targeted leads as well as followup with related offers) you are going to make money. That’s a undeniable fact that any flourishing online marketing will confirm.

I just don’t care what you might be promoting, no matter if it be your own merchandise, an affiliate website or the latest home business program, this is the method that you need to use.

Even though you are performing a home business method, why give traffic straight to the sales/signup site where you just have ONE SHOT to acquire the sale or sign-up…how to convert traffic into income

If you could deliver them to YOUR optin web page where you can after that redirect them to the main page AND ALSO you can send information to your subscriber list as you please, convincing people back to your primary offer and other things you want to advertise in the future.

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